You can be a foster parent!

We will be conducting an orientation training session at our Richmond office on

Tuesday, January 8th from 6-10pm.  Click here to sign up!

(804) 714-1776

There are over 4,500 kids in foster care in the state of Virginia. Some of those youth need a home until they can return to their family of origin. Others are waiting to find their forever home through adoption. Regardless of their circumstances, every child needs at least one adult in their life to tell them they are important, they have value, and they are loved. Will you be that adult for a child in foster care?

Consider the impact you can have on a generation of lives by caring for one abused or neglected child. By helping a child to make positive changes in their life, you help them become stronger people, better parents, better neighbors, and better society members. Your choice to foster children CAN change the world.

People commonly say “I could never foster children because I wouldn’t be able to let them go.” We all try to guard our hearts against hurt, but children need the love and safety of caring adults more than we need to protect our feelings. Do not be so afraid of grief that it stops you from changing a child’s life. Choose to foster or adopt, and the positive impact you leave on your community and this world will far outweigh the challenges you face in the process.

Now that you’re ready to become an Extra Special Parent, here’s what you need to do!

Click here to register for our next Open House, or request more information from one of our Family Services Specialists.  They can answer any questions you have and help get you started.  Then, we can begin to schedule all required training. This training will give you some insight into the foster care system, guide you through what is required of you as a foster parent, and will give you the knowledge necessary for you and your family to care for the child you welcome into your home, all at NO COST to you! In addition, you will need to complete a psychological evaluation (which will be scheduled between you and a provider we will refer you to) and a home study (typically a 6-hour visit in the home, which requires both parents to be present as well as all other household members). You will need to go through a CPS background check as well as a criminal history check. Other documentation requirements and paperwork will be discussed in training.

Thank you for considering foster parenting or adoption!



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